10 Smart and Simple Ways to Improve Your Metabolic Health

Our Metabolic Health is the foundation for so many other processes in our bodies, especially our Cardiovascular health and Immune System function.  Being metabolically unhealthy includes having abnormal blood sugar levels, lipids, or inflammation.  These issues can lead to further more serious health conditions later in life.  Here are 10 lifestyle changes we can make which can improve our Metabolic Health ahead of 2021.

Focus on building strength not losing weight

And we don't just mean building physical strength, but also mental resilience. Allow yourself to focus on the small things you can do to become stronger within yourself.  Managing good nutrition, stress, sleep pattern and exercise all play a part in our overall health.  Instead of focusing solely on losing weight to improve health, break it down and focus on building more muscle, a healthy metabolism and maintaining good bone health!

Exercise often

Exercise is the key! Just 20 minutes minimum per day, everyday will help to keep you in optimum health.  Choose anything which increases heart rate and works the muscles, such as swimming, HIIT or jogging.  You can mix it up but staying consistent is crucial.

We've got the perfect workout to get you going.  If you need some inspiration check out our two week body shred!

Be nutrition savvy

Fill your plate with nutrient rich foods.  Each meal try to incorporate a range of colours, proteins, healthy fats and plant based options.  Eat mindfully and support a healthy functioning body with vitamin supplements to keep the body working at its best.


This one's simple,  3 litres of water per day, everyday.  Always drink more after exercising and sweating to replace lost fluids.  You can mix it up throughout the day with warm herbal teas, or try infusing lemon and cucumber to give your drink some flavour whilst also offering extra health benefits and skin boosting properties!


Make your sleep schedule a priority, making sure you get the right quantity and quality of sleep.  The average adult should be sleeping seven hours per night for optimal health benefits.  Sleep helps the body to recover and regenerate, giving the body chance to digest and rest.

Stay on top of stress

We all know stress effects our health, our moods, and overall wellbeing.  Finding a good method of stress management is key to supporting your health.  Whether this be journaling, long walks in nature, listening to music or meditation.  Find what works for you!

Give bad habits a miss

Are you a smoker or love a drink of an evening?  Work to minimise these habits as much as possible, or give up altogether.  Alcohol and tobacco consumption places our lungs and liver under unnecessary stress, and over time can cause them to stop functioning to their best.

Communicate with your Doctor

Want extra help and support?  Find a health care practitioner that can help and advise you on a personalised lifestyle approach to functional medicine. They can help you to track the key signs of good metabolic health including waist circumference, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

Get help from your phone

Download a health app or fitness tracker to help you stay on top of your health journey.  From step counters, heart rate tracker, meal plans and calorie counters, these apps can help you to stay on track. With so many to choose from it's all about finding one that suits you.

Keep connected

Even on your own individual health journey, it's important to stay connected.  Social interaction has a big impact on our mental health and physical wellbeing so find ways to workout (socially distanced) with a friend or family member.  Having a good support system will help you when you start to feel unmotivated and fed up.

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