A ritual for cleansing this Halloween

Whether or not you celebrate Halloween in any way, here is a ritual you can do that ties in with the holiday and the stars in the sky at that time that anybody can do. This ritual is great to cleanse yourself and well as prepare yourself for November.


Firstly let’s have a little look at the origins of halloween. Its said that halloween actually originated among the ancient Celtic people. The Celts originally called it Samhain and it represented the end of the agricultural cycle. The start of winter and also it was known to represent the souls who had passed on in the last year. New year was celebrated on November 1st back then and  the Church of England actually changed the name to saints day. Saints day was a day to honour religious saints and martyrs. They also changed the name Samhain to all hallows eve and this eventually became Halloween.

When we think about cleansing its always a great time to do over a new year and that’s exactly why halloween is an amazing time to do a ritual. With the beautiful connection between life and death hallows eve provides an excellent time energetically to let go of anything not serving us and prepare for bringing in something new.

What you’ll need for this ritual:

  • A quiet space
  • A notepad
  • A pen
  • A lighter
  • A small candle preferably white
  • A small bowl / area to safely burn the paper
  • Another small bowl
  • Any crystals that you think may help with the energy (optional)

The ritual

Take yourself to your quiet space and make yourself comfortable. I love to do this outside but its not essential. It is important to try as hard as you can to have a calm and focused mind at this point. 

Take your pen and paper and write down all the things that you wish to let go of small or big just write anything that comes to mind that you feel is not serving you. Place this in one of the small bowls. 

Next take your pen and write down all the things you wish to bring into your life. Put this paper in the other bowl.

Take a minute to hold the bowl with what you want to let go of, meditate on it a minute and wish the things you don’t need to wash away. Take your lighter and set the paper alight. Also note that if the paper takes a while to burn think hard as to whether you are really ready to let this all go.

As you watch the flames subside now take the other paper in your hand and meditate on it for a minute thinking about all the amazing things you wish to bring into your life. This paper you can now fold up, I like to leave outside somewhere covered to harness the power of the moon as much as it can. 

The next morning I like to take the leftover paper and I recommend keeping it either in a nice safe spit in your bedroom, an altar or even your wallet or pocket. 

Hope this will help you have a little clarity going into November!


by the girl and the cards

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