Affirmations to uplift and motivate you during January

Once the joy of the festive period is over, things can feel a little blue as we settle back into routine.  Which can take a toll on our mindset and mood.  Affirmations are a powerful and great way to rewire your brain into thinking more positively.  Which can be just the boost we all need in the long, dark month of January.  Keep these affirmations somewhere where you can see them, as a daily reminder.

  1. I am deserving and worthy of receiving everything I want this year
  2. Every day is filled with abundance and opportunity
  3. I am loved
  4. I am grateful for everything I have in my life
  5. I am open to the experiences that the universe has to offer
  6. Everything I need I have within me
  7. I can overcome any obstacle that presents itself this year
  8. Every day I take action to get closer to my goals and dreams
  9. I am excited and hopeful for the year ahead
  10. My life is filled with happiness and good energy
  11. I choose happiness and love in every situation
  12. This year I make time for what's important to me
  13. I am grateful for my body and my health
  14. I am manifesting my deepest desires 
  15. Receiving love comes naturally and effortlessly to me
  16. I am attracting financial abundance and wealth
  17. I am in charge of my life and how I feel
  18. I am a magnet for good things
  19. I can handle anything that comes my way
  20. This year I will focus on the positive

Choose one or a couple of affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself daily.  Keep them in places you can see them as a daily reminder, anytime you feel the January blues start to creep in, let your affirmation give you that little boost.

By Donna Edwards

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