An easy tarot spread to guide you into winter

An easy tarot spread to guide you into winter


The days are getting darker and the temperature is going down. As Jon Snow might say ‘winter is coming’ We’ve made it out of mercury retrograde but what do we need to do next? I'm going to show you an easy spread to do with either tarot or oracle cards to ease you into the winter months. 

For this spread it doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned card reader. You can use any tarot or oracle deck. It's important for you to clear a safe space to be able to concentrate and clear your mind of any distractions. With a risk of you thinking i’m completely bonkers I do believe the cards can hear you thinking and that’s the magic of them. They know what you want to hear so they are keen to try guide you even if their suggestions aren’t exactly the answers you wanted it's certainly what you needed.

Take some time to hold the deck in your hands and really think about the things you need guidance on, help the cards to connect with you and understand how they need to channel to guide you.

  1. Position 1 is the energy you are sitting in

  1. Position 2 is the obstacle in your way

  1. Position 3 is what would make things easier for you

  1. Position 4 is how you can achieve that easier path

Place the cards in order in the positions above. The first card represents the energy you are in so look deep into the meaning to understand fully all the aspects of the card. I always advise that once you overturn a card, before you reach for the guidebook take care to study the card and see what your initials feelings are towards the card at first glance, this can also guide you into your subconscious and your true feelings towards the question you asked. 

Next card is the obstacle in your way, again do the same, take note of your initial reaction before you read about it. Think about why this is hindering you and how you can remove it from your path.

Next is what you need to take note of in your life to make the path clearer, once again taken a minute to study the card. Ask yourself how would this impact your life.

Finally is the actions needed to give more clarity and keep you moving in the right direction. Think about how you can actively more towards making these things happen.

If you are using oracle cards take close note of the energy associated with each card and also how each card makes you feel. Give space to your thoughts and allow your mind to really delve into the ideas of things that are hindering you and the ideas of things that are helping you.


By The Girl and The Cards

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