Beginners Tarot: 3 easy tarot spreads

Buying a new deck is always so exciting and often we want to just jump right in and do reading for ourselves and others, but where do we start? Here is a few simple spreads to get you going.

The one card spread

This is the easiest spread to start with. It’s a great way to get to know your deck and a wonderful way to start your day. Shuffling the deck and picking one card every morning is an amazing way to give yourself guidance throughout your day, and it’s also something you can do with any deck of cards, whether it’s oracle cards or tarot. Reading as much as you possibly can about one card also helps you to remember its meaning for the future. It’s a good idea to even keep a journal of the cards that come up each day, note down how you felt when you saw the card and what parts of it resonate with you. You can then see if any patterns start emerging. If you have a prominent place to place the card, I like to do that so I can see it throughout the day.


Three card, past present and future spread.

This is one of the most standard multi card spreads. It is super easy to do on yourself and on others. Shuffle the pack as you would normally, cut as you like and deal the top three cards from left to right. The left card will represent PAST. Look up the meaning of this card and see if you think this refers to a lesson you may have learnt from your past or a reminder of a situation that maybe in the future you could do differently. We are reminded to try live in the present , not to dwell on the past but to be always learning and growing. The next card represents the PRESENT, this card is here to tell you what you need to focus on currently, what obstacles you may be facing and how to overcome them. The last card in this spread represents the FUTURE, this card is showing you where you are heading at the current pace, whether its showing you not to worry as things will be ok or reminding you to step up your game. It’s in a space to remind you that although this is where you are heading you are in control of your own life.

3 Card Relationship Spread

A little confused about a relationship? Whether it’s romantic, platonic, work related or even the relationship you have with yourself this is a great spread for a little clarity. Shuffle and cut the deck as you usually would and lay three cards out just as you do with the past, present and future spread. This time the positions show us different things. The first card you overturn (on the left) represents your current feelings on the situation, really think about how you feel about things without any distractions. The next card (middle) represents how this situation is affecting you, is it showing something positive or is there something you could do to feel better about it? The last card (right) represents some advice in the situation, is there something you need to let go of or something you need to add into your life to improve how you feel abut it?

Lastly remember so much of tarot is to do with your own intuition, you don’t have to have memorised all the cards back to front to be a good tarot reader. Trust yourself, think about your initial thoughts when you see the cards you turn over for the first time and take note of how they make you feel. Tarot is a magical world and there is an abundance of knowledge to learn but no need to overwhelm yourself with it. Enjoy yourself and take notes where you can.

Written by the girl and the cards

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