Bloodstone: For courage and health

Bloodstone: For courage and health

Bloodstone helps to give us protection and courage to face the world.  Giving us a mental boost, energising the blood flow within the body, and clearing our minds ready for growth and transition.  

Bloodstone Appearance

Bloodstone is dark green to black, with blood like red spots running through it.  It can be translucent or opaque and is often found in giant clusters.  

Healing the mind

This crystal is a grounding stone, helping us to be present.  Promoting determination, courage and strength.  It can give emotional support during times of struggle reminding us to connect back in to the divine energy of the universe around us.  Bloodstone is also known for calming the body on a physical level, allowing the body to function in perfect harmony.

Healing the body

Bloodstone can be used to boost the immune system, purify the blood and help eliminate toxins from the body.  It can be used to heal blood disorders within the body and can also be useful for PMS symptoms during a woman's menstrual cycle.

Healing the chakras

Bloodstone can be used to stimulate the heart and the root chakra.  Helping to clear any signs of energy imbalance and create a clear flow of energy between the lower chakras and the heart.  Bloodstone helps to bring balance and grounding to the emotional body reminding us to live through our heart but to stay grounded into the present.


Written by Donna Edwards

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