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Make it Happen – Jordanna Levin

It’s January which means it's time for fresh starts, new opportunities and going after what it is you want this year!  Our January book of the month is all about manifesting the life of your dreams.  How to do the work to let go of the things holding you back, and how to start attracting the things you actually want to happen into your life. 2022 let's make it happen!


“That is the spiritual gift of trying to initiate you into your highest consciousness by breaking you completely open if you'll allow it.” - Make it Happen, Jordanna Levin

Make It Happen is the go-to bible for Manifestation.  Using her own personal experiences and a fail proof simple formula for manifestation success, Jordanna breaks down all the things you need to know about manifesting.  This book provides the foundation and knowledge to really start creating the life you want.  Teaching the foundational pillars of the four key universal laws – law of attraction, vibration, action and rhythm and why they are all key parts in manifesting anything. But don’t get it twisted it's not just about asking for what you want, you have to do the work first.  Guiding you inwards to look at your shadow self-first, this book will help you to acknowledge your downfalls and the things that have been holding you back from attracting things so far.  Perfect for if you have a specific desire you wish to manifest as the later chapters break down manifesting in key areas such as love, work and money.  

Read this book if;

  • You feel stuck and always attract/create the same situations and patterns.
  • You know what you want and are ready to get it
  • You want to learn more about manifesting how it works and the most important part, making it happen!
  • There is something specific you want to manifest into your life

  • Written by Donna Edwards

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