Carnelian: For Courage, Confidence & Creativity

Carnelian is commonly worn as an amulet for courage and protection.  Emulating a strong energy reminding us of our own inner strength, resilience and confidence.  A powerful stone for those struggling with mental or long term physical illness.  

Carnelian: Appearance

Carnelian can range from pale orange to a darker orange/red.  Its colour is dense and is opaque to translucent. 

Healing the mind

This crystal provides a strong signature energy that stimulates creativity, and uplifting the spirits by banishing negative thought patterns.  It is also helpful in grounding the emotions and thoughts, protecting the user from bouts of anger, envy and frustration.  Carnelian can also provide comfort for those who suffer from existential fears.

Healing the body

Carnelian is a powerful tool for anyone who has suffered from physical or mental abuse.  Those with long battles with illness or any long-standing mental health issues.  Carnelian can be used as an ongoing supplement or support system to boost their feeling of life vitality and energy.  Anyone suffering from these long-term health issues should carry Carnelian with them on a regular basis.

Healing the chakras

Carnelian can be used in alignment with the sacral chakra, helping to boost creative energy and keep the flow of energy in this area.  This crystal can aid in healing and unblocking in this area, by placing it directly over the chakra space. 


Written by Donna Edwards

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