Connect to your Guardian Angel with Celestite

Celestite is the stone of the angels, helping to connect you with your own personal guardian angel.  It helps to develop psychic abilities, and expanded awareness, making this a crystal of uplifting angelic communication, heavenly light and guidance to a higher dimension.  

Celestite: Appearance

Celestite or Celestine is often sky blue in colour, transparent and opaque.

Healing the mind

Celestite is a gentle and uplifting crystal to bring inner peace, spiritual guidance, calm, balance and tranquillity within.  This high vibrational stone connects us to the heavenly realms above.  Especially useful as a shield for sufferers of inner conflict, it allows us to not be sensitive to absorbing the energies of those around us.  Celestite can also help bring focus and vision to the mind, opening it to new ideas.

Healing the body

Celestite works with the physical body by lowering blood pressure, easing stomach or digestive issues and calming the nervous system, by releasing stress.

Healing the chakras

This crystal works in alignment with the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra.  Helping to clear blockages around the throat.  Promoting truthful communication, honest expression and certainty in what we have to say.

Written by Donna Edwards

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