Crystal gifts for men and women


When people talk about crystals it’s often given a narrative that crystals are just for women, but it couldn’t be more wrong. Crystals are utterly fantastic for both men and women. Here's why:


It may seem like a very new trend but crystals have been around for thousands of years to aid in healing and many other beliefs. Even Plato himself named crystals in his teachings saying that they are used for reading minds and transmitting thoughts. A little more recently than Plato there is also a string of male celebs that love a bit of crystal therapy. Patrick Swayze for one was huge fan of crystals, he quoted when asked about crystals ‘ I believe that the things you believe in can come true’


Jumping on the crystal train can be as simple as getting someone some crystals to carry with them, no crystals have gender so when searching for a gift for any gender the process is still the same. The important place to start is what do you want the crystal to help with, learning about the properties of the crystals you are looking at will give you a great idea as to whether the receiver needs help with the energy the crystal brings. Next thing like every gift is the aesthetics of the crystal, once you’ve got the meaning down make sure to choose a colour you think the receiver will like, even better if you know their home well enough to know if it would look nice on the mantelpiece.

Also if you aren’t looking for specifically for just a crystal remember there are lots of crystal gifts that anyone can enjoy, things like incense, crystal candles, crystal infused water bottles and crystal jewellery to name just a few. Remember, when buying gifts for friends and family trust your intuition, you’ll know which items someone will like when you look at them just by thinking about it for a little bit. Try not to stress too much about the gifts you get as ultimately it really is the thought that counts!


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