Crystals for Confidence!

Want to show the world everything you have to offer, but struggle to find your confidence?  All it takes is a little bit more belief in yourself, and you can shine bright from the inside out.  We're going to let you in on a little secret.  These crystals will give you just the confidence boost you need.  Small enough to keep in your hand or your pocket, no one will ever know!  So get ready to reach your highest potential with the help of these crystals for confidence! 

Crystals to boost your confidence!

Increase your inner power and get ready to show the world what you have to offer.  These crystals will help you to be authentically you and help you to believe in yourself, even in testing situations!

Orange Calcite - Increases positive vibrations and reduces feelings of shyness

A little bit of positivity can go a long way!  This crystal will help to increase your vibration, creating a sense of positivity and joy.  Allowing us not to dwell on the negative things, and to focus on all the good we have to experience.  A perfect stone to help combat shyness.  If you struggle in social situations, high pressure events or communicating your needs.  Orange Calcite can help eradicate those nerves, and encourage you to have confidence in what you have to share!

Gold Tigers Eye - Strengthens willpower and provides courage

Gold Tigers Eye will help you to become unstoppable!  Giving you the courage to take on the world, and the willpower to never give up.  Gold Tigers Eye reminds us to always keep going.  Even when we aren't feeling our best or most confident, this stone will help us to carry on regardless.  The perfect crystal to keep with you when you need that kick to get something done you've been putting off or feeling nervous about.

Citrine - Supports motivation, creativity and expression

You can't serve the world hiding.  Don't shy away from who you are and how you truly want to express yourself!  Dare to be free with Citrine.  This stone promotes creative expression within, allowing us to let our true selves shine.  It also helps to motivate us when we are feeling down or lacking in energy.  A crystal that packs a punch of powerful energy anytime you need it.

Opalite - Boosts personal power, strength, confidence and self worth

This crystal is a talisman of confidence.  Giving you an uplifting feeling of self belief, self worth and love for yourself.  Opalite will remind you of all the power you hold within, and the strength you have from everything you've had to overcome.  A stone to give you all the confidence you need to be happy with who you are.


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