Crystals to help you focus on your 2022 goals!

The New Year always comes with a burst of fresh motivation and a whole new list of goals.  These crystals will help you to channel that energy into success, aligning your inspiration, motivation and actions with focus and clarity.  The only thing you need to do is get clear on your vision for 2022 and keep your crystal close at hand.

Tigers Eye – For opportunities and new projects

Tigers Eye is a talisman for courage, confidence and aligning us with our project or goal.  This crystal is perfect if your goal is business orientated as it helps to boost success and willpower, and increases financial focus.  Useful for grounding and protection, this stone will help you to chase down your goal, and lose the negative thinking.  It reduces feelings of failure, helping you to think abundantly.  A stone of clarity it aids in logical, goal orientated thinking and effective problem solving.  Is Tigers Eye the crystal for you?

Carnelian – For prosperity and abundance

Carnelians golden light colour will stimulate the mind and remind us not to underestimate ourselves in the pursuit of our goals.  This crystal reminds us not to fall into patterns of jealousy and envy to others, but to focus on our own path and goals.  Carnelian is the perfect partner for your journey into 2022 as it boosts calming feelings, creativity and confidence.  Helping you to trust yourself and your intuition, this stone will guide you into a place of abundance.  Your goals are always attainable with Carnelian by your side.

Amazonite – For working with the mind and nervous system

Amazonite is a calming stone that works to help balance the mind and nervous system.  We can’t focus properly if our body and mind aren't centred and aligned.  It helps to increase our ability to focus and concentrate by clearing mental fog and emotional worries.  Clearing the slate of negative thinking, this crystal paves the way for clarity and to view our goals with a renewed sense of perspective.

Hematite – For grounding and logic

This dark stone will keep you grounded along your journey.  Reminding you to check in with how far you have travelled and all the ways you have already succeeded along your journey.  Bringing a sense of stability to mind and body, keeping our emotions in check and our mind on the prize.  This crystal will also help you to prioritise what's important, especially handy to have around when getting those all-important tasks and to do lists boxed off.

Sunstone – For good luck and fortune

We all want luck to be on our side when we are chasing down a goal, and Sunstone does just that.  It’s a mood booster, helping to uplift and keep you positive along the way.  This crystal will put a stop to procrastination and fear of failure, helping you hold yourself accountable to your goal and inspire you to keep going when things start to feel difficult.  It will allow you to remain true to yourself and allow the highest version of you to shine through.  

Which crystal is calling to you?  Happy goal setting!


By Donna Edwards

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