Crystals to help you through the holiday season

Crystals to help you through the holiday season

For many, the holiday season can be a very daunting time. Whether it’s the cold creeping in, the early darkness, the anxiety of the impending social events or concern for the expenses of Christmas there’s certainly a lot to think about. Let’s have a look at some crystals to help us all out. 


First let’s have a look at some crystals to help with the anxiety of it all. Quartz crystals are known as the ultimate healing stone. Not only are they good to calm anxiety but they are also great for energising the body. I’m sure the dark days and cold nights make you feel a bit sluggish like me so I for one will take all the help I can get for a little energy boost. The other great thing about quartz is its balancing properties. It’s easy to get carried away over the holidays. Too much partying, too much food and sometimes not enough work and rest along with it. Clear quartz is a great stone to meditate with to help restore the balance in your life.

Another wonderful crystal for this holiday season is garnet. Adding a nice warm coloured crystal to your collection is a good way to invite in warm comforting energy. Garnet is associated with fire energy and the fire signs of the zodiac. Its fabulous to use while meditating to light a little flame under your butt to kick start your creative energy. Great to manifest in whatever you feel you need to get through the season.

Lastly another of my favourite crystals. Black tourmaline, the dark days and nights sometimes require a nice dark crystals to repel and reflect the dark energy and protect us from it. This stone is well known for protection, it's a great idea to keep one on your person whether it’s in your pocket or round your neck on a pendant it can keep all bad energies away. Protecting your energy at this time is a really important thing to learn. At a time when shining your light brightly is a little harder learning how to stay positive and let go of things that no longer serve us is a great tool in the tool belt.


By the girl and the cards

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