Crystals to ignite your inner fire!

Bonfire Night Crystals to ignite your inner fire!

Remember, remember the 5th of November.  We all know the story of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night.  Every year we celebrate outside with firework displays, bonfires and toffee apples.  But this year we’re making it all about the inner heat.  Connecting back to the element of fire with crystals that resonate with this energy.  Helping to reignite our spark, passion, inner fire and strength within. 

What are the elements?

There are four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  Each element brings a different quality and energy to all things, which we ourselves can embody.  The Earth element allows us to feel grounded and connected.  Water helps us to move fluidly with life and adapt to that around us.  The element of Air gives life to all things and connects us to our breath.  And our final element Fire reminds us of our strength, passion, creativity and our own internal fire.

Crystals to connect us to the Fire Element

Looking to connect back to your inner fire this Bonfire Night?  These crystals will help to light a spark within you and connect you to the earthly element of Fire.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a deep red stone with flashes of orange representing flames.  It creates a fiery shield of energy around us, protecting the wearer from negativity, boosting strength, willpower and inner confidence.

Use this stone for: Courage, inspiration and to act as a guiding light.


Bloodstone is often a green/red colour used for increasing vitality and purifying the body.  Let this fiery stone cleanse the body and instil you with feelings of courage.

Use this stone for: Vitality, purification and circulation


Carnelian glows orange like an ember from the fire.  It is a stone of vitality, passion and strength, all the characteristics of our inner fire.  

Use this stone for: Balancing fiery emotions such as anger, igniting passion and willpower


A black stone used predominantly for protection.  To shield us from outer chaos so our own light can shine bright from within.  

Use this stone for: Protection, strength, personal power, overcoming fears

Red Jasper

A reddy/brown stone to connect us to our inner fire.  Helping us to stand up for ourselves from external or internal attack.  This stone helps to burn away mental blocks, manifest strength and courage.

Use this stone for: Burning away creative blocks, encouraging self-belief and strength to speak up

Top Tip! Keep any of the above stones on you as a personal talisman to reclaim your power and connect you back to the fire element within.

Written by Donna Edwards

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