Full moon in Aries: What does it mean for you?

This fiery full moon in Aries brings big, bold, powerful energy.  The first full moon after our Autumn Equinox, this full moon offers us a chance to look back and review our year from Spring to Autumn, and recheck in with our intentions and progress.  Let this moon light up what has been holding you back from the things you want to achieve, and let go of the limitations and expectations.

Aries Moon

The Aries Moon calls you to finally put yourself first and focus on what you want to achieve.  It brings courage, energy and motivation to burn away anything that is holding you back.  This Aries energy teaches you to believe in yourself, your own greatness and to step into your purpose and the real reason you were put on this planet.

How to use this Aries Full Moon to your advantage

  • Use this full moon to gain clarity and focus on what truly matters to you.  What is holding you back from really achieving the things you want to?  It's time to do the inner work under this moon and figure out whether you are the only thing standing in your own way.  List three things that are holding you back right now.

  • Share what's in your heart and live-in alignment with your highest self.  Use this time to put yourself out there.  Believe that what you have to offer is more of what the world needs. Brainstorm ways in which you can share your gift/message/truth with the world. 

  • Do one thing that scares you.  What’s something you’ve been putting off because it seemed too scary or too much of a big step or risk?  It’s time to do it.  Commit to an action you can take towards it during the waning moon phase.  Don’t just dream it, write a plan of action to keep you accountable.

What to be wary of this Full Moon

  • Watch out that your new aligned focus doesn’t get mistaken for arrogance or self-centredness.  Maintain humble energy and practice compassion and empathy with others.

    • Exaggerated emotions could be prevalent under this moon.  So, take steps to keep your emotions in check and not explode over something that would normally cause you no fuss.  

    • Be wary of becoming so hyper focused that you start acting ruthless and competitive about getting what you want.  Remember that there is no rush, and you don’t need to compete with anyone else other than yourself. 

    Happy Full Moon!

    Written by Donna Edwards

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