Full Moon in Libra - Find balance and healing

Full Moon in Libra - Find balance and healing 

Full moons are a time of amplified emotions and intense reflective periods.  We can use the power of each full moon to celebrate the harvest of our intentions, and share gratitude for what we already have in our lives.  Most people notice the effects of the full moon through sleep patterns changing, and feeling emotions more intensely. The Libra full moon brings this to the surface, and you might find yourself struggling with feelings of lack, self-doubt and struggle to make decisions.  But not to fear, it’s not all bad news!

The Libra full moon is an emotional one that calls us to look at the areas of our life that are out of balance.  This moons energy can cause you to doubt yourself and your dreams, so you are going to have to take steps to protect your energy during this time.  Take breaks when you need to and do things that bring you happiness, especially if you are being too hard on yourself.  Balancing your emotions can feel tricky, especially when everything feels heightened and out of control.  Decision making may become harder under this moon, and the temptation is to stick your head in the sand and wait for it all to go away.  But unfortunately, this moon brings all that you try to push under the rug into the light.  From you work/life balance, relationships and family dynamics. 

Use the Libra Full Moon to;

  • Find balance in your life, especially your relationships.  Notice where you are giving too much and where you are not giving enough.  
  • Heal your relationships, including the one you have with yourself.  Ask yourself what patterns keep repeating and what thought processes keep triggering you.  Once you become aware of them you can start to move past them.
  • Share your feelings and make sure you aren't avoiding difficult conversations just to keep the peace.  Let yourself and your point of view be heard.

  • Things to look out for:

  • Projecting your emotions and insecurities on to others.
  • Avoiding confrontation or certain problems that need addressing just for the sake of keeping peace.
  • Being so indecisive you end up making no decision at all, stopping you from progressing forwards and causing you to feel stagnant.

  • By Donna Edwards

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