Getting started: Getting to know your first deck

So you’ve bought your first tarot/oracle deck and you don’t know where to start. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling, from cleansing your space and deck to picking out your first card, these handy tips will get you comfortable with your deck in no time.

Taking care of the deck itself

First things first, your cards are here to guide you and you anyone you read for, they are special and you should take care of them. It's a good idea to keep them in a soft pouch or box so they don’t get dirty or damaged. I personally have some cute wooden boxes to store my cards in at home and soft pouches to travel with them.

Many people feel a strong personal connection to their cards and also choose to not allow anyone but themselves to touch them. Always keep that in mind when visiting a reader or looking at a friends decks.

Cleansing your cards and space

Its a great feeling unboxing your new deck for the first time! I love to spread them all out on my bed and have a real look through all of the cards. This gives you a great feel for the energy of the cards and helps you to connect with them. Its also a good idea to sage your space. This cleanses and refreshes the energy surrounding you and your deck. Many readers also like to have a specific place to keep their decks (sometimes know as an altar)

I also love to keep all my decks together with my crystals to surround them with good energy,  it creates a really happy little magic space for me. This also helps if you are using a table set up where you will do your readings. Having a beautiful space helps to clear the mind, relax the body and prepare you for an insightful and magical reading. My favourite crystal to keep with my deck is Rose Quartz, Rose quartz are great for bringing in love energies, I like to always read my cards with love and the rose quartz is great to set the intentions of every reading to be with love. Some people are a little scared of the idea of fortune telling and the energy of the rose quartz helps guide both reader and the one being read for to the understanding that all advise comes from a place of love and healing. There are of course many other crystals that are handy to keep at your altar. Candles and incense are also great accompaniments to your deck.

Write it all down!

One thing I've started doing is writing things down when I get a new deck. It

Creates a really amazing keepsake of exactly what your intuition told you about each of the cards the first time you saw them. Although each deck will have come with explanations for each card its important to build your own connection with your deck and follow your own guidance. You’ll never get another chance for first impressions with your deck so definitely make the most of the opportunity to collect your first thoughts before you read the guidebook. Look at the images closely and note down any thoughts that pop into your head.

Daily Card

Lastly the best way to get to know your cards is to pick a daily card. I like to pick a card each morning to start my day. Oracle cards are great for this as you get a lot of info from just the one card. Tarot on the other hand picking just one card is great for helping you learn the depth of each card for those wanting to learn all the cards off by heart in the future. Its good to take a close look at the illustrations on the cards too as often the symbols hand out significant clues to the cards meaning.

Written by the girl and the cards Lauren Rose

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