How journaling can elevate your life

I have tried nearly everything (within reason) to help me focus but honestly I can’t say anything has helped me more than journaling. It may seem like the simplest thing to do but sometimes it’s not that easy to devote time to these small tasks. Lets look at some of the reasons it helped me and some of the science behind why it works.

Firstly its cheaper than a therapist as its free. It’s a common phrase to say a problem shared is a problem halved and even if it’s only your private journal you're sharing to its still scientifically proven to help reduce stress. When you write you are using the left side of your brain, this is the analytical and rational side, this means that writing is actually helping you use your brain power to actually understand yourself which in turn makes it easier to understand others and the world we live in.

Another fun science fact about journaling is that its shown to help with mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Writing down our thoughts helps us to release them and helps to block more negative thoughts. Many studies have also shown that journaling improves IQ, aids you in better sleep and builds self confidence. Who doesn’t need all that amazing magic?

I’ve personally noticed that over time journaling not only helped me reduce stress but it was also a great marker to look back and reflect on and help me celebrate the small wins. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and I couldn’t recommend making journaling one of those habits enough. Taking the time to document your emotions makes it easy to recognise patterns whether good or bad so you can improve and change your life.

One thing I love to do is write a gratitude as part of my journal, I’ve talked a lot before about gratitude and how it attracts positive energy and it really does work. Taking the time to write one thing you are grateful for each day not only teaches you to express gratitude even in the toughest situations but it also creates the energy to bring positive vibes back two fold. 

If you find it tricky to really open up and don’t want to be writing whole ted talks just try each day to write one thing you are grateful for and how you are currently feeling that day. Also maybe a mantra for the day you can repeat whenever you think of it. Something like ‘I am enough’ or ‘ I welcome abundance into my life’

I really hope this article helps you to welcome journaling into your life because it really was a game changer for me !

Lauren Rose

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