How pulling a daily oracle card can help you focus


I always rant and rave about oracle cards. They are just MAGIC! I love to do multi card spreads with them but today I want to talk to you about how amazing it can be to just be pulling one card a day to start the day and how this can improve your focus. 

For a daily pull card you’ll need either a tarot deck or an oracle deck. The only ones I wouldn’t use for a daily reading are yes or no cards as it doesn’t give you much clarity on what to focus on aside from the simple yes or no answer.

There are two ways you can use oracle cards in the morning (or whatever time you want to pull your daily card) The first way is to simply clear a space in your mind and physical world, shuffle the cards and just pick a card to see what comes up. The other way is follow the same steps but instead before you pick a card think about specifically what situation you want advice on.


If you are feeling particularly stuck on a certain subject I would recommend asking specifically about that, this enables you to meditate on the answer and prepare yourself for the day ahead in that way. Sometimes over procrastination just makes everything much more complicated than it needs to be so just picking one card can give you that linear direction you are looking for. Just picking one card makes it much easier to find your focus. 

Once you’ve chosen your card now comes the important bit. Meditate on it! Take the card in your hand, close your eyes, thank the cards for their guidance and give yourself a couple minutes in silence to meditate on the card and express gratitude for the positive day you are about to have.


By Lauren Rose

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