How to recharge your Crystals

It's not just you that needs to take a break and recharge.  Sometimes your crystals do too!  Your crystals can absorb the energy from around them, which can compromise their power to work.  Every so often you need to cleanse and recharge your stones to keep them working to their fullest potential!  Not sure how to do this?  Here are some super simple ways to recharge your crystals!

Cleansing vs Recharging

Cleansing a crystal helps to remove the energy and make it clean again, like a shower.  Recharging a crystal helps to restore the energy and charge it to its full capacity of energy, like a battery.


This method cleanses and recharges your crystals.  Place your crystals on a dish outside or on a windowsill in direct sunlight and leave them to absorb during the daylight hours. 


It's especially powerful to charge up your crystals underneath the light of a full moon.  Again you can place your crystals on to a dish and set them out on the windowsill or in direct light of the moon. Set your intention that you wish to replenish your crystals to their fullest capacity.  Leave them out for the whole night and collect them in the morning.


Sound is a healer.  Any high frequency sound can help to cleanse your crystals, such as a singing bowl or wind chime.  Place your crystals in a bowl beside you and allow the sound to reverberate around the space, 


This method cleanses and recharges crystals.  Run your stones underneath running water, even better if this can be outside in nature, if not just under the cold water tap.  Let the water wash over them, physically cleaning and cleansing them.  Then pat your crystals dry with a towel.  However some crystals aren't suitable for running under water. 



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