Important astrological dates for December

In terms of astrology the end of the calendar actually isn’t relevant at all, but this year December actually just coincidently has some big endings coming in terms of Astrology. Let’s have a look at what the dates are and what it all means.


The first date you may feel a shift on is December 1st, Neptune is out of retrograde on this date which means the beautiful planet of dreams and illusions is finally on the right track, meaning that we really can see how to bring our dreams into fruition. Now is a great time to work out what ideas are just fantasy and what can actually work in the real world.


The second date we are going to look at is December 4th. This date is of huge significance. As well as being a new moon its also (finally) a solar eclipse and the end to an 18 month eclipse season. This is all happening under mercury, which is the planet of communication. For us this means not only individually but also collectively information is now going to come to light now our communication is becoming more truthful and open. This is also something to think about for this entire month of December. Our astrological projection is guiding us to be true to ourselves and not be afraid to voice our opinions.


Most of December is Sagittarius season so we can also expect a little happy go lucky energy around helping us to let go and really enjoy the holiday season.


Mid month on December 13th  we are seeing two planets switching signs. First fiery mars is joining the sun and mercury in Sagittarius which is going to help us to be more adventurous, it allows us to take that step and maybe a little risk to action what we need to be doing. Later in the exact same day we are also seeing our planet of communication Mercury go into Capricorn. This is aiding us to be more pragmatic and practical. Having that clear intention of what to do and how to do it means its a great time to start thinking about next years plans in a practical way.


Next onto the last full moon of the calendar year. On December 18th we will see the Cold Moon. This moon is in gemini and is a great time to think about the way we communicate with each other. With all the information coming to light from the new moon the full moon is encouraging to keep on that same authentic honest route. Use this moon to let go of things that no longer serve you and remember that being authentically you means you can never lose something meant for you.


Lastly onto maybe not my favourite retrograde but a great one for growth. Venus is heading into retrograde on the 19th which means we need to buckle up and get ready to get deep about our relationships. With all this empathises on communication this month, use this time to communicate with yourself and realise what is actually good for you and take those feelings out into the world and make sure you are actioning them. This is a time where past situations may reappear and this time we need to be prepared to be strong and not make the same mistakes.


Overall we are set for a bit of a ride this December but the theme of this month is all about truth and authenticity, lessons will be learnt and we can hold out heads up going into 2022 as the best version of ourselves.



By Lauren Rose


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