Its Sagittarius Season!

As of November 21st, through to December 21st we enter the season of the Sagittarius!  This month brings plenty of excitable fiery energy, inner and outer discovery and a chance to let your hair down and connect to your fun side! On the run up to the festive period, this energy will make sure to support your endeavours as you start to think about what you want from the new year ahead.  

Sagittarius Season: An exciting time for leaving your comfort zone

Sagittarius is a fire sign, bringing heaps of expressive, fresh, adaptable energy.  It is a great month to explore and adventure whether this be by doing internal work around what you really want out of life, or getting out into the world.  It's an exciting time to explore different avenues, passions, interests and new opportunities.  It’s not a time to hold back.  No hiding in the background in this season, it’s all about putting yourself out there and making yourself heard.  Let the universe know what you want and get ready to grab it when it comes your way!  If you have been thinking about creating big changes in your life, now is the time to put the action into place.  The Sagittarius energy encourages us to feel ambitious, motivated and inspired.  So, things will really start to pick up speed once you get the ball rolling.  Change is something that instead of feeling stressful this month, will be welcomed.  Bringing a new burst of life and interest. 

What to watch out for

The Sagittarius energy is a big, expressive, opportunist.  However, be careful of being misunderstood this month.  As our energetic, ambitious side comes to the forefront it can be an easy time to be misconstrued as obnoxious, loud and erratic.  Make sure to be conscious of other people around you and not trying too hard to force yourself and your opinions on to others.  It can very easily turn into an argumentative month, especially on the run up to the festive period.  As tension and energy levels heighten, make sure to practice grounding and stay level headed in your approach to life.  

What to make the most of this season

  • Exploring new opportunities
  • Social situations and meeting new people
  • Stepping into the spotlight and putting yourself out there
  • Planning your goals and dreams for 2022
  • Embracing change

  • Happy Sagittarius Season!


    By Donna Edwards

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