Moon Cycles, what are they and how to make the most of them?


I'm sure you will have heard someone somewhere down the line saying something like ‘be careful it's a full moon’ or I’ll be setting my intentions tonight as it's a new moon’ but what are the moon cycles exactly and how do they affect us? There are actually 8 stages of the full Lunar cycle and being clued up on them all and what they mean can be a neat trick to help decided when is a good time to do certain things in our lives 

What are the different cycles of the moon?

The Very first stage
of the Lunar cycle is the New Moon. Much like the Magician card in the tarot it represents beginnings. It’s all about inception of ideas and great time to think about things you want to start working on. A good time to set a list of intentions. Ideas for a new business or goals for anything you want to achieve in life.

The next stage is the crescent moon
, at this point the moon is getting bigger, this is a great time to start bringing new things into your life. Creating new connections, new romances, new business partners. It's all about bringing positives energies into your life to move forward with.

The 3rd stage is the first quarter.
This is a time to get ambitious! At this point the moon is getting much bigger and brighter in view and that’s exactly what you should be doing too. Keep moving forward and don’t be afraid to make big decisions at this point

Next is the Gibbous Moon, this happens 3 days before the full moon. It's also known as the waxing moon. It's nearly time for the full moon so it's a good time to take stock and make sure you have everything nearly ready for where you want to be. It's a good time to double check what you’ve been working on and make any adjustments you think you might need.

The Full Moon is the 5th stage of the lunar cycle. At this point the moon is the brightest and biggest it’ll ever be in the sky. Emotions often run high under a full moon and energy is also at its peak. This is a great time to be grateful for the things we have achieved but it's also a good time to also think about things that do not serve us and think about letting some of those things go.

After the full moon we see the waning moon which is the 6th stage of the lunar cycle. At this point the moon is decreasing in size and appearing less bright each day.  This is a chance to think back about what we wanted to let go of during the full moon and really cut the chords to them. Now is a good time to cut ties with anything or anyone not bringing good energy into your life.

The last quarter and 7th stage of the lunar cycle is about breaking up bad habits and patterns. If you’ve managed ti let go of anything that doesn’t serve you take this time to also think of releasing yourself from any negative patterns you may be following.

The final Phase we are looking at the dark moon, it's the dimmest and smallest moon stage. This is where we should being to wind down before starting the new journey that’s coming our way in a few days. An opportunity to be still and be at peace. Instead of pushing ourselves to the limit, we should rest, focus, and reflect.


by the girl and the cards


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