New Moon Crystals; It's Time to Set your Intentions!

New Moon Crystals; Set your intentions!

This month we have the New Moon in Libra happening on the 6th October.  Each new moon brings us chance to set our intentions for the month ahead, and focus on what we want to achieve and draw in to our lives.  Using crystals during the new moon can help to amplify your intentions and help you to manifest what you desire from the month ahead!  These are our top picks of crystals to use during this new moon.

New Moon Rituals 

The new moon happens when the moon, sun and earth are aligned and symbolises the start of a new cycle.  It's time for new beginnings, feeling into life's endless possibilities and opportunities.  Use this time to visualise and imagine your desires, hopes and dreams.  Plant the seeds of your desires and watch them come into fruition through the month as you take aligned action.

Things to do during the new moon

  • Make a vision board
  • Set intentions for the month ahead
  • Write down affirmations that align with the energy you want to create this month
  • Dream about the life you want to create
  • Practice self-care and a slower life pace as autumn sets in

  • Things to reflect on during the new moon

  • What are my intentions for this month?
  • What do I want to work on creating and bringing into fruition this month?
  • How can I implement more self-care into my routine this autumn?

  • New Moon Crystals

    When journaling or setting your intentions this new moon, have any of the following crystals nearby to amplify your goals and desires.  You can write your intentions down, placing any of the following crystals over the paper.  Or as you meditate on your intentions, hold one of these crystals in your hand, and allow its frequency to absorb and match your intention.  


    Moonstone is known as the stone of new beginnings, connecting us with our inner feminine and the cycles of the moon.  It enhances our intuition, soothes stress and works perfectly during this phase of the moon. Use it to connect back to your intuition to realises what you truly want from this life.


    Selenite helps to bring us back into alignment under the power of the new moon.  Aligning us spiritually and helping to release negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.  Creating a positive, cleansed mindset ready for the month ahead.


    Amethyst helps to harness the power of our instincts during the new moon phase.  A great stone for new beginnings, it helps to heal and balance our energy bringing us back to a state of harmony and equanimity as we set our intentions.

    Black Tourmaline

    Black Tourmaline helps to protect us from darkness and negativity during this phase.  It harnesses the lunar rays to create a protective energy around the user.  Promoting a feeling of safety and security, giving you courage to dream big without fear!


    Labradorite reminds us that even during times of darkness such as the new moon phase, that light still exists within us.  Use this stone to remind you of life's infinite possibilities, and let it shine light on your intentions.  

    Happy new moon!


    Written by Donna Edwards

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