Sleep better with this quick little ritual!

A quick ritual and spell jar for a good night's sleep

With the mornings getting colder and the nights getting longer and darker it's even more important to get a good night's sleep. Now I know it's not such an easy feat but let’s have a look at a little ritual to make things a little easier. 

Here are a few things you will need

  • Jar
  • A pen and paper
  • Lavender
  • Some salt 
  • Ideally an amethyst crystal but any crystal you have that you feel drawn to
  • Sage 

What’s great about this ritual is once it’s done you can still keep the jar by your bed to keep that energy going over the weeks following.

First things first, you need to burn some of the sage, also known as smudging. This cleanses the space and washes away the negative energy and draws in the positive energy.

Salt is also a cleanser of energy, put a couple pinches of salt (or however much you want) into the jar

After this take the pen and paper and write a gratitude to the nights sleep ahead. Write as much or as little as you like but for me I would write something like. ‘ I am grateful for the magic of this beautiful planet and being a living breathing being allowed to live here’ ‘ I am grateful for having a peaceful nights sleep in order to rejuvenate my miraculous and powerful body’

Fold the paper any way you like and pop it into the jar with the salt

It’s important to also express gratitude for this lovely sleep you are about to have to add to the positive energy and really manifest it into fruition.

Next drop any of the crystals into the jar that you have for this particular spell, if you have amethyst its a wonderful crystal to create calm.

Take the lavender next, allow yourself to really feel and enjoy the aroma of the lavender before you put it in the jar also.

Feel free to add anything else you are called to add to your jar and choose a place to put it close to where you sleep. I like to keep it under my pillow or on my nightstand. It doesn’t have to be so close but ideally in the room you are sleeping in.

I like to do this right before I go to bed so with no other distractions. Sage the room, fill the jar , place it under my pillow and I often just like to say thank you as I lay it down. I tend to keep this for around a month before repeating or changing up the jar. Hope you all enjoy some more peaceful Z’s !

By the girl and the cards

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