Some great tips to help with anxiety

 We’ve all been there, anxiety has a way of just coming out of nowhere and taking over all our thoughts. With the craziness of the last few years it’s been hard for us all and sometimes we need a little help to ease our minds. There are so many ways to help anxiety so let’s have a look at some of my best ones.

 The first ones I'd like to look at are the simplest ones. These require only minor changes to your lifestyle but can make a big impact. They are pretty self explanatory so I’ll list them below. All these are proven to reduce cortisol levels and in turn, stress.

  • Getting enough sleep!
  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting fresh air
  • Exercise (anything that gets the heart rate up a little even if its a gentle jog)
  • Eating clean
  • Limiting alcohol


Next onto some that may require a little more focus and time.


Meditation is scientifically proven to aid with stress and anxiety. Although, if you haven’t done it before it might feel a bit alien at the start you’ll soon get the hang of it. Taking even ten minutes at the start of your day to meditate can change the course of your whole day. Using that ten minutes to focus and express gratitude leads you into the day positively charged. If you are suffering from anxiety, it’s a good time to learn to let the negative thoughts flow past you during meditation, you can acknowledge the thoughts but like ships in the night, let them pass through and take yourself back to focusing on your breathe.


Lastly one of my favourite tips for anxiety, Crystals! I really believe in the magic of crystals and there are SO many out there. Some of the best stones to carry around or keep safely at home for anxiety are Amethyst which is a great cleanser of energy, Selenite which is so powerful you can use it even to clean other crystals, Black Tourmaline which banishes negative energy and Tigers Eye ( my favourite) for protection. Not only can you carry these around but there are also many other ways to use the energy of crystals from crystal water bottles to crystal jewellery and even crystal dildos! The options are endless.


I hope you know that whatever you are going through there is always help for you somewhere, astrology wise at least, I can give you the good news that the planets finally are aligning for a brighter future!


By Lauren Rose


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