Super New Moon in Scorpio – A time for transformation!

Super New Moon in Scorpio – A time for transformation!

November brings with it the Super New Moon in the sign of Scorpio.  Each New Moon brings with it the chance to set new intentions, visualise your goals and desires, get clear on what you want, and cleanse your space and your mind ready to receive it!  The Scorpio energy brings passion, intensity and transformation.  Are you ready to transform under
the power of the New Moon energy?

A time for Transformation

This new moon brings with it a powerful energy of transformation and a pivotal turning point to turn your life around.  This isn't something to be feared, but something to bring excitement, opportunity and a chance to really get to where you want to be.  No dream is too big, and no action too small.  As this moon projects us forward to face our fears, our inner shadows and find passion from our pain.  

How to use this New Moon

Use the darkness of the new moon to rest, turn inwards and do the inner work.  Acknowledge fears or thing’s you have been avoiding, and notice the things you have let hold you back.  Through this you will uncover the truth which lies beneath, and reconnect to your inner power and guidance.  Use this moon to think about whether you are truly getting what you want out of life.  Are you where you want to be?  If not why not, and how can you get yourself back on track towards it?

What does this New Moon have to teach us?

It becomes apparent under this new moon the areas in which you are playing small, doubting yourself, or holding yourself back.  It will help you to rise above these limitations and see them for what they truly are.  Allowing you to move past them, and finally let go of caring about other people's opinions, your fears or negative beliefs.  It’s time to reclaim your power, and affirm exactly what it is you desire and deserve!

New Moon Rituals to do at home;

Celebrate the New Moon and create your own evening ritual.  Here are some of our favourite things to do during New Moon!

  • Cleanse your space with white sage, incense or Palo Santo.  Or open a window and let stagnant energy leave the room.
  • Think about what no longer serves you, write it down on a piece of paper and burn it or tear it up.
  • Write down your intentions for the month ahead
  • Make a vision board to connect with your goals and dreams
  • Take a cleansing shower and visualise your body being cleansed of toxins and negativity
  • Do a new moon oracle card or tarot reading

Get ready for the next New Moon!

Written by Donna Edwards

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