That’s a wrap on Christmas gift wrap!

Christmas gift wrap is out, and sustainable gift wrap alternatives are in!  That’s right you can ditch the dyed paper, the cellotape and plastic bows.  With even big chain supermarkets getting on the brown paper hype, there’s no excuse this year!  Here’s how we’ll be wrapping our presents under the tree this year!

Plastic Free Sellotape – All major retailers from £1.99

Plant based tape with zero plastic.  Finally, we can securely wrap our gifts without feeling the guilt of knowing they are covered in plastic.  If you prefer something a little but more secure than wrapping string around your parcels then this one is for you!  Oh, and its fully biodegradable and compostable.  Now that really is a Christmas miracle.

Honeycomb Protective Bubble wrap – Sustainable stores from £3.50

Need to send your parcel in the post and worried about it getting damaged in the chaos of Christmas?  Ditch the plastic bubble wrap for new honeycomb protective wrap.  Made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper.  The gaps in the paper interlock and expand as needed creating a protective layer around your item securing and protecting it from damage.  Did you know?  All our gifts from our Livewell range come delivered in our sustainable protective wrap, so you can be sure your parcels will always arrive safely and sustainably.

Decorated Brown paper – All major retailers from £1.50

Never liked the plain brown paper look?  Well now you are in luck!  If you don’t fancy the faff of dehydrating oranges and decorating your own, you don’t have to.  Most stores now have a range of patterned brown paper with natural inks, meaning they can still be recycled!  It’s worth shopping around this year and seeing what you can find, because there are definitely a good few options!

Happy wrapping!

Written by Donna Edwards

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