The perfect gift for a Virgo baby!


Virgo Season is here! These Earth signs are often known for being perfectionists and it may seem like they are tricky to get a gift for but don’t stress, here are a few great gift options any virgo would be happy to receive. 


Virgo Traits
Our wonderful Virgo Sisters and brothers are going to be really feeling all the feels this virgo season. There is a lot of heavy energy about and most stereotypical Virgos are probably spending too much time pleasing others and working hard to take time off. Virgo is governed by mercury which is the planet of communication and most Virgos like to be practical and organised with their ideals. It can sometimes age tricky for Virgos to understand that flaws are not defects and that there is also beauty in our imperfections. Virgos are often good listeners and great supportive friends but may struggle  to seek advise for their own problems. With all these traits in mind let’s have a look at some great ideas for gifts.


Thinking about all the heavy energy this virgo season it’s a great idea to gift a Virgo with some calming crystals. Crystals at least are something that won’t distract their focus so if they really can’t pry themselves away from their work at least they can keep a crystal next to them to attract good energy to their workspace. Favourite crystals of mine to calm the mind and also protect from negative energies are Quartz which is great for peace and balance. Rose Quartz which radiates pure love and Black tourmaline which is amazing  for protection.

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Essential Oils, Candles and Incense
Essentials oils are also a great present for any Virgo. Having many uses for them, I'm sure will also excite Virgos with their practicality. Essential oils can be burnt to aid in relaxation and also just for a stunning aroma around the home or workspace. They can also be used on the body and in the bath. Aroma is such a magical thing to tighten mood as smell is a very sensitive sense for most people, so candles and incense are also great!

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Oracle Cards
Virgos are known to be a little hard on themselves so Oracle cards are a great present to help them with a little pick me up whenever they need it, whether they use it at the start of the day or some time during the day when they need a little guidance it's a great way to show them you care. The Daily Mindful cards are amazing because they offer a few different ways to make that person feel special. They encourage the reader to journal, express gratitude and to reflect on things positively. 

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Hopefully this will make the gift buying process a little easier, a great focus for this virgo season and Virgos themselves is self care so don’t feel guilty is this gifting guide also leads you in the direction of a little gift for yourself, i’m sure you’ve earned it!


by the girl and the cards



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