Vegan Breakfast Options

If you’re used to whipping up some bacon and eggs in the morning or even a salmon scramble ensemble, but are now trying Veganuary, you may be at a loss for what to eat. Perhaps your go-to is a milky coffee or a bowl of yoghurt and granola and you’ve not yet found which dairy alternative is your favourite. Maybe it’s the butter slathered on toast you’re missing already. Whatever it is, fear not because I’m here to give you some alternative options.


My favourite wintery vegan breakfasts are:


  • Peanut Butter, Banana, Flaked Coconut & Maple Syrup on Toast.

Add some Chia Seeds for some extra fibre or some Maple Syrup for added sweetness. Mix it up day by day by adding some berries - blueberries or raspberries work particularly well!


  • Smashed Avocado on Toast

The variations are endless, but mine almost always begin with a squeeze of lemon, a good grind of black pepper, some chilli flakes & olive oil. Then you can add some chopped tomato, mixed seeds or even fresh pesto. Get creative and enjoy!


  • Harissa Chickpeas with Avocado

For a little kick, mix some drained chickpeas with some harissa paste. Chop in some sundried tomatoes, season well and slice some avocado on top. A simple brunch but you’re onto a winner! Squeeze over some lemon and add some pumpkin seeds to lift it. Add some rocket if you’re looking for a proper brunch!


  • Grilled Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Toast, Hash Browns, Spinach & Scrambled Tofu

If a large cooked breakfast is your thing, in place of a full English, you’d barely know the difference. Replace the egg with tofu, season it well and you’ll probably never go back!


  • Warm Oat Bowl with Apple & Cinnamon
    • Steam some Oat Milk or warm in a pan. Pour over a bowl of oats. Chop up some apple, sprinkle with cinnamon, dirzzle with maple syrup and enjoy!




From here, you’ve got a weekday selection of breakfasts to rotate through, along with an endless array of smoothies, granolas and vegan yoghurts. If you have each one four times and mix it up on the weekends, you’ve made it all the way through the month!



Lauren Loudon x

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