Want to throw your own Full Moon Circle? Here’s how...

Want to throw your own Full Moon Circle?  Here’s how!

A Full Moon Circle is a gathering of people that come together to harness and celebrate the power of the full moon.  This time of the month gives us a chance to review our new moon intentions, to release and let go of what no longer serves us and celebrate gratitude.  Moon circles offer a chance to come together, share energy and take time to reflect.

So what do you need in order to host your own Full Moon Circle?  Creating a safe, open space to come together with friends is crucial.  Here are a few things you can do to set yourself up for a ceremony of healing and celebrating the moon's energy.

Theme/Phase of the moon

Each Full Moon brings with it a different energy from the zodiac sign it falls into.  This can form as the theme for your practice, acknowledging that it signs traits.  For example, a Full Moon in Libra brings the chance to focus on creating a sense of balance in our life.  There are different crystals, essential oils and flowers associated with each zodiac sign that can be used to decorate your altar.

Set up an alter

An altar is a sacred space that you can use to centre your circle around.  This can include crystals, photos, flowers, feathers and candles.  Each object corresponds with one of the four elements which are set in a certain direction.  

North – Earth (represented by flowers, plants or crystals)
East – Air (represented by feathers or essential oils)
South – Fire (represented by candles)
West – Water (represented by water or something from the ocean)

You can place anything else on the altar such as a personal object, anything that resonates with you!

Cleanse the space

Cleanse the space and the energy in the room by burning white sage or palo santo.  Open windows and let fresh air circulate, light incense or use a diffuser with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Meditation/Gentle Yoga Flow

Open your circle with a grounding meditation to focus on the breath.  Let your intuition come forwards and allow time to journal afterwards about anything that comes to the surface.  Allow everyone to feel safe, and encourage the feeling of letting go and becoming present.  In Full Moon Circles it can also be nice to offer a gentle yoga flow to connect the body, mind and breath.  This could be created in line with the moons energy and what its calling us to face.

Sharing/Chanting and Gratitude

Give plenty of time to share and come together as a community.  This can be done through mantra chanting, sharing thoughts or emotions, reflecting on the month's successes and failures, and sharing that for which you are grateful for.  Giving everyone a chance to be seen and heard and to share their experience.  

Closing the circle

This could be done through a few simple words, prayer or song.  Allowing everyone to come together.  It could be sealed with a ritual such as blowing out a candle or drinking herbal tea, or simply bowing the head to the hands in prayer.  Acknowledging the experience, you’ve had and giving gratitude and thanks to the people you shared it with. 

Happy hosting!

Written by Donna Edwards

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