What to expect and what to prepare: Entering Virgo Season

Being a virgo myself the energy right now is hitting me hard. With both Mars and Venus in Virgo currently and Mercury and the Sun on their way into Virgo season Life is already full to the brim of hectic energy! Virgo season starts August 23rd and goes all the way through to September 22nd. Let's have a little look into what to expect and what to prepare and do during.

Whats coming our way this Virgo Season?

This Virgo season is all about healing and its really going to bring a lot of things to the forefront with us. As we say goodbye to the fiery summer fun of Leo season its time to reassess a few things. As I know all too well having both my sun and moon in Virgo, Virgo is known to be a sign that can be very critical. So having our insecurities laid out and facing us is a little confronting. Especially with Mars and Venus being in Virgo and Mercury on its way this virgo energy is showing up in a BIG way. Expect a little kick up the butt to get things you’ve maybe been procrastinating about up and running.


How can we prepare for it?

With less than a week before Virgo season is upon us there are a few things we can do to prepare. Firstly do a little mental stock take of the year so far and see what things you think might need a little work. Its a time to heal and improve so its a good thing to know what areas you need to work on. Virgo season is all about health and mental well being so nows the time to really listen to your body and also think about what things about ourselves we are critical about. Its important to recognise that nobody is perfect and striving for unobtainable perfection is not healthy but take note of some manageable  things you can shift a little to help relive anything you are stressed about. Whether is a new exercise schedule,  work rota , morning routine or any other aspect of your life that needs a little makeover.


What to do during Virgo Season

Listen to your body - It may seem obvious but sometimes life gets so loud we don’t hear. Virgo season wants us to heal physically and mentally. If you feel tired, try get a bit more sleep, if you feel lacking energy make sure you’re drinking lots of water (infused crystal water is an added bonus) and so odd. Our amazing bodies really do the best they can to let us know what to do.

Take note - Make sure you are taking note like the organised virgo energy asks, try sticking to a good routine that takes into account what your body and mind need. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit so if you can keep a positive life adjustment going that long it can become and staple part of your life.

Healing Crystals- You will always hear me talking about the power of crystals and seeing as its virgo healing season why not pop a few crystals in your bag to carry avoid or keep close to you at home? For healing a great choice is rose quartz to bring love, self love being the key ! Moonstone is also a fabulous one for inner growth.

Hopefully this will help you through the sometimes testing Virgo season and get you on your way to ending the year with a beautiful smile on your face!

by the girl and the cards



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