Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign: Reading your Chart

There is an absolute wealth of information online about astrology, but with so many things to take into consideration, how do you go about reading your own chart? From your sun, your moon and your rising sign to the houses and the planets where an earth do you start? Here is a little guide to get you going in the right direction without getting too complicated.

How do you find out what your specific ones are?

Firstly lets look at how all of this is determined. It all comes down to the positions of the planets at the exact time of your birth. Its split into 12 houses which all represent different aspects of your life. With just a quick google there are many sites you can quickly type in your birth date and time and they will calculate your Sun, Moon and Rising (also known as ascendant) Sign.

Whats your sign babe?

Now this question may seem easy but did you know you have a sun, moon and rising sign? Most of us know their Sun sign as it is related to the date of your birth and is the most commonly referenced. This is the sign you’ll see in the weekly column and the answer most people give when asked their sign.

So your Sun sign is all about your personal identity, the way you see yourself and your self esteem. To determine your sun sign is all down to the position it was in at the time of your birth. The sun moves month to month between the 12 zodiac but not always on the exact same date. This is also why you may hear people saying they are ‘on the cusp’

Your Moon Sign

Your moon sign is all about how you feel and your intuition, your inner self. Its often known as your internal emotional compass. It also is good to know which house your moon falls in as you may find while dealing with the subject of that particular house you are finding yourself more emotionally charged.

Your Rising Sign

The rising sign is the sign that was ascending (hence, the ascendant) on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The rising or ascendant rules the first house of self, which speaks to your perspective on and approach to life as well as early childhood.

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