The Studio

Everyday Essentials Kit

  • Travel size - take these items anywhere and everywhere 
  • 3 Everyday Essentials for daily use
  • Eco Friendly Products 

Everybody has those daily essentials they can't live without, and these can be yours. The items in this kit have been mindfully chosen to help you live a positive, more fulfilled life. Never forget to stay hydrated or forget your shopping bags ever again as they're travel size and can be easily kept on your person at all times. 

This Kit Includes:

Studio Eco Travel Bottle
This 500ml bottle is made from 8 recycled plastic bottles, complete with a bamboo screw top lid. Making it 100% recyclable. A travel sized bottle that will fit perfectly into any bag.

Daily Mind Cards 
A daily tool kit to look after your mental health. These cards help you build good habits that you can stick to and prompt positive action taking in your life. Us these cards daily to become more mindful in the choices that you make.

Kind Bag
The ideal bag to take on your shopping trip as it’s reusable and eliminates the use of single use plastic bags. Carry upto 3 grocery bags worth of shopping as it’s super strong, reliable and sturdy whilst being water resistant and lightweight when not in use.

How to use: Take these items with you everyday to help you live well! 

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