Eco Dental Care Kit

  • Includes Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Free from Sodium Fluoride, Glycerin and SLS. 

  • Burst of minty freshness

This all in one eco dental kit contains a range of everyday essentials to help maintain excellent oral hygiene, and take care of your smile with fresh bursts of mint. 

Your kit includes: 

120 Organic Toothpaste Tablets
Completely eco friendly and free from chemicals

180 Organic Mouthwash Tablets
Designed to restore the pH balance to your mouth as well as help maintain daily freshness and good oral health

Beechwood Organic Toothbrush 
Organically made from Beachwood trees with a snap off head to make it completely recyclable

How to use: Chew a singular toothpaste tablet to begin the natural foaming process and begin to brush with your eco friendly Beechwood toothbrush. Finish off with an extra burst of freshness by chewing a mouthwash tablet with a glass of water. 

*Bonus* Once you're ready to replace your kit, the products and the packaging can be recycled as it's 100% suitable for home composting.   

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